Butterfield Development Consultants Ltd, established in 1988 by professionals dedicated to improve and advance the role of Cost Consultants in Canada.

BDC’s policy of only employing highly qualified individuals with extensive experience, has resulted in a reputation for providing clients with practical advice of the highest calibre. The diversity of our client base attests to our ability to adapt critical thinking. Butterfield Development Consultants provides a wide range of services to the development community, specialising in all aspects of construction cost management.

Our clients include banks, financial institutions, governments, pension funds, asset and fund managers, developers and landlords. Clients of BDC enjoy a level of confidence stemming from years of reliable, concise and accurate reporting. Reporting which enhances clients’ ability to make choices with clarity and confidence, while maximizing value.

The BDC team is comprised of individuals qualified in the fields of Quantity Surveying, Engineering, Project Management and Accounting. Headquartered in downtown Vancouver, BDC maintains associations with equally qualified professionals in other major centres including Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton as well as in the US. This affords BDC the ability to provide the same high quality of service in locations outside of BC.

BDC’s reputation extends within our professional organisations, providing technical expertise for the benefit of other members. BDC contributes to the development Industry by providing up to date Cost Information on our Web based Construction Cost index. BDC is also the only firm chosen to provide Canadian Construction Cost information for the internationally renowned Rawlinsons’ publication.

We provide unbiased, independent advice to the development industry, so that building owners can enjoy increased productivity and efficiency in the design and construction process. Design consultants are served by advice on maintaining control of all aspects relating to cost, quality and performance and the integration of cost control. This facilitates value performance analysis which helps ensure that value is optimized. Our objective is to deliver the project on budget, on schedule and in a cost-effective manner.

BDC spans the skills of project management, construction economics, quantity surveying and financial management with research to enhance the design, documentation, tendering and construction processes. Cost data, schedules and support reports are warehoused on our in house systems where they provide BDC with a rich resource of cross referenceable construction data. Custom programs analyze this data to enhance client service, delivering accurate measurable results immediately and directly to our clients’ desktop.

Our services allow financial institutions, developers and designers to apply effective controls and accountability to the development process from the planning stage, through construction and in the management of successfully completed buildings. We strive to be Canada’s leading and most trusted provider of cost, value and project management services.

At BDC we measure our success by the success of our clients and the quality of our relationships.